Promotional Products, Clothing and Print under one roof

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Promotional Products, Clothing and Print under one roof

Welcome to Business Promotional Products, the new website from Abalone Graphics which brings together a core range of promotional products, clothing and print all under one roof.

Aptly named Business Promotional Products, on this website you will find a very select range of promotional items, a select range of promotional clothing and workwear as well as a select range of printed products. 

This website aims to be a very focused,  selection of our best, most popular and recommended promotional products all contained within a single website.   Business Promotional Products also features our industry beating range of low and no minimum quantity promotional products, and we will also be featuring specific promotional packages as well as special offers and deals. 

So why Business Promotional Products?

We realised that many promotional product websites tend to feature 1000’s of products (our Abalone Graphics website is also guilty of this) and unless you know exactly what items you are looking for, they can actually be quite overwhelming.  We wanted to break away from this trend and using our expertise and knowledge, bring you our recommended selection of the best promotional items, based on effectiveness, value for money and quality. 

We also want to bring you a flexible informative website, where due to a cut down more focused product selection, we can offer exclusive deals, packages and discounts.

All in all we hope you enjoy this site and find our recommended selection of business promotional products helpful and informative, and as always we hope to hear from you.


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