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Artwork for Promotional Products

We know that for many companies and clients, having suitable artwork can sometimes become an issue and a real obstacle when it comes to promotional products.

So what’s the issue?

Due to the way some promotional products are produced artwork is often required in a vectored format, put simply a vectored format is a graphic that is draw up of shapes and lines which can be resized or scaled to any size without losing any detail and without distorting (pixalating). Unlike a non vector (raster) image like a photograph where once enlarged over a certain size the image starts to become blurry and pixallated. Typically vectored artwork tends to be an ai file, eps file or a pdf file (not always) and raster images tend to be gifs, jpegs and tiff files.  

At Business Promotional Products we realise that not everyone has vectored artwork for there particular logo, or even needs, knows or cares what vectored artwork is.  Its also arguably true to say that with advances in digital printing and webdesign its become less important to have vector artwork, but when it comes to producing some promotional merchandise vectored artwork is still a must. 

What if I don’t have vector artwork for my design?

If you don’t have vectored artwork and its needed, then this requires your artwork to be redrawn, and depending on the complexity of your design, this can be a simple 5 minute procedure or for more detailed designs much more time consuming.  Normally this means you have to contact an external graphic designer, arrange to get your logo redrawn and then submit it to your promotional products supplier for approval before you can continue.  

Here at Business Promotional Products we have our own trusted graphics designer who can do this for you, so you don’t have to go to hassle and expense of finding a graphic designer to redraw your artwork, and we can do it all for you and at a fraction of the price you would normally expect to pay.  In addition to this we will also provide the redrawn artwork to you in its new digital form as an eps file which is currently the industry standard format, so its yours to keep and use in the future however and whenever you need it.

Below is actual artwork produced by us from our customers supplied photograph, enabling a 2 colour screen print to be produced on our promotional printed mugs.

Customer supplied photograph

Customer supplied photograph

Artwork redrawn for a 2 colour print

Artwork redrawn by us to enable a 2 colour design to be produced.










So don’t be put off if your not sure about your artwork, of even if you don’t have any artwork, simply talk to us and we’ll take the hassle out of your artwork headaches. 

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