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The impressive aura of traditional classical taste gives prestige to the shape and features of the Prodir DS7: a quality push ballpoint pen with timeless design,  a large clip and an innovative mechanism. A powerful, restrained, traditional personality that reflects the resolute temperament of someone used to stating their mind and making decisions.

To enable you to personalise your message in exceptional taste, we have styled even the tiniest details of the Prodir DS7 with care. The push button in the middle of the back of the pen is a touch of colour that says more than a thousand words. You simply have to decide the colour combination that best expresses your brand’s format, produce effects with contrasts, or emphasize a single shade.

Beautiful and supreme, exquisite in form and function, the Prodir DS7 promotional pen has been awarded the Promotional Gift Award.


DS7 Promotional Pens


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