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The Futurist

Prodir DS5 For brands ahead of their time


The Prodir DS5 is both fresh and elegant, with original forms and outstanding functionality thanks to our high quality standards. A writing instrument that is both eye-catching, modern and ergonimic. The Prodir DS5 has been awarded the Japanese Good Design Award. There are no short-cuts when it comes to promoting your brand and asserting your credibility. The Prodir DS5 gives you tomorrows design, today.

Its extremely funtional clip distinguishes the Prodir DS5 from other promotional pens. The Prodir DS5 features a special mechanism that connects the clip to the cap at the side, allowing two-way horizontal movement. This means exciting original print options, exciting opportunities for combining colours and materials, and exceptional high quality. The optional clip cover can be added to offer even more branding area.
Prodir Pens offer the greatest possible creative freedom when it comes to promotional pens, and the DS5 is no exception, with its personalisation options to really represent a brands’ unique character.

Prodir DS5 Promotional Pens


Prodir DS5 Promotional Pen Branding Areas


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