Prodir DS3

Prodir DS3 Promotional Pen


The Original

PRODIR DS3 Timeless style for contemporary brands


A modern classic amongst promotional pens and writing instruments. A twist ballpoint pen featuring a large clip and elongated body. A tasteful, timeless design. The perfect partner for your brand over the years!
The Prodir DS3 has acquired iconic status amongst promotional pens, proving with its unmistakable design, that style and quality can be convincingly conveyed even with a plastic writing instrument. Its classic style has succeeded in influencing the design of promotional writing instruments as never before. The Prodir DS3 has firmly established itself as a timeless and quality promotional pen! Its 20 year history and its versatility make the Prodir DS3 an esteemed promotional pen all brands, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

One feature that makes the Prodir DS3 really unique is the small ring that can be fitted in the top of the pen.


DS3 Prodir promotional pen