Prodir Pens


Prodir Pens are highly desirable, premium quality promotional pens, available in a range of styles, that can be highly customised to your branding requirements. Prodir Pens are Swiss made and offer a promotional pen featuring outstanding quality and cool funky styling. For many of our clients Prodir pens are the number choice when it comes to promotional pens.

Prodir pens can be customised in a number of ways, choose your Prodir pen style, choose your Prodir pen colours, choose the the pen finish,  the nose cone in addition to this some of the styles offer unique extra details, like the dot on the DS1 or the ring on the DS3.

Once you have decided on your Prodir pen style and colourway choose from a number of different print area’s and options, with this kind of personalisation available its easy to see why Prodir Pens are considered the number one promotional pen of choice for customers looking for that something a little bit special and different.


 The Prodir Promotional Pen Range

DS1 Prodir Pens   DS2 Prodir Pens
DS3 Prodir Pens   DS3.1 Prodir Pens
DS4 Prodir Pens   DS5 Prodir Pens


DS7 Prodir pens