Domed Labels

Domed Labels and Domed Stickers

For that wow factor or for added durability why not consider our domed stickers and labels. Domed labels and domed stickers are produced using our Crystalens technology making them exceptionally durable and perfect for a multitude of uses.


Crystalens Doming Technologydomed stickers and domed labels

Crystalens doming technology protects and enhances your domed labels and decals by encasing them in a crystal clear resin. The Crystalens resin provices a fantastic crystal clear 3D domed professional finish, with these added benefits:-

Scratch and Scuff resistant.

Water resistant.

UV Resistant and Non yellowing.

Heat resistant.

Domed labels and domed stickers are perfect for an enourmous amount of uses including product labels for branding all manner of products, as well as allow wheel centres, trophies, caravans, boats, USB and memory sticks,  PC labels, and lots more other uses. Domed labels are also great for promotional items including key ring’s, calculators, cufflinks and badges.

As with all our custom printed stickers, domed stickers and labels are produced in stunning full colour and can be produced onto a range of media’s including metallic each with different properties to suit your needs.


domed labels


Domed labels and domed stickers are also known as resin labels, 3d labels, gel labels, bubble labels and bubble stickers.