Business Promotional Products goes 3D

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We love doing something out of the ordinary or just something a bit different, so when asked if we could provide the last few touches to this 3D printed model car needed for a trade show, we were more than happy to oblige.

sheet printed metalFortunately, being one of the first companies to invest in the markets latest printing technology, producing the tiny white water-slide decals for the tyres and car body wasn’t an issue, the actual application of these though was a bit more tricky. 

To complete the 3D model and to make it ready for display, we custom cut the mirrored aluminium base, rounded the corners and digitally printed in colour the clients own logo.  Finally we added a few rubber feet to each corner of the printed metal base and the model was ready for display and looked stunning.

This was a nice fun project that we enjoyed and certainly one of the most different business promotional products, we’ve been involved in producing.  custom printed decals





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